Gurjar Aandolan A Fight For Right

Since the country's independence, the Gurjar community had been demanding reservation for itself.
But the government of our country was ignoring it.
Now the Gurjars accepted Pradhan ji as his leader.
The Gurjar movement that was running peacefully for the last 50 years,
As the head of Pradhan ji became the chief, this Gurjar movement took a radical look.
Before the Chief Minister thought about giving reservation to the Gurjar community, the other caste leader, Nagina Singh, threatened the chief minister that if you thought about giving reservation to the Gurjar community then our party will withdraw support from you.
After this the Chief Minister buried the idea of giving reservation to the Gurjar community.
For this reason the angry Gurjars fired train tracks under the leadership of Pradhan ji.
Because of which the connectivity of the financial capital Mumbai was broken by capital Delhi.
And the news of this movement began to resonate with India as well as abroad.
After this, the state government used the police force to suppress this Gurjar movement and 72 Gurjars were killed. Gurjar society is still demanding its reservation in peaceful manner.

  • Aarun Nagar
  • Aarun Nagar
  • Kirti Motion Pictures
  • Arun Nagar, Leena Kapoor, Surendra Pal, Mushtaq Khan, Ehsan Khan, Ali Khan
    Key Cast
  • Raja Hasan, Ritu Pathak, Leonerd Victor, Prakash
  • T-Series
  • Yes This Movie was Banned by Rajasthan Government
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  • Runtime:
    2 hours 4 minutes 7 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    October 17, 2014
  • Production Budget:
    6,154 USD
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  • Praveen Nagar
    Country: India
    Rights: Theatrical
Director Biography - Aarun Nagar

Aarun Nagar started his career as an actor and assistant Director by working in TV Serials around the year 2003 and has worked in more than 25 famous TV Serials like Kismat, Seven, Dhoond Legi Manzil Humein, Kaali, Vaseeyat etc. Some of projects of Aarun Nagar are as follows:
1. Gurjar Aandolan (Bollywood Movie) (Writer/Actor/Director)
2. Bhouri (Bollywood Movie) (Asst. Director/Actor)
3. Children of War (Bollywood Movie) (Actor/Asst. Casting Director)
4. Uvaa (Bollywood Movie) (Casting Director/Actor/Line Producer)
5. Shemshook (Hollywood Movie) (Actor)
6. Naa Tum Jeete Naa Hum Haare (Short Movie) (Writer/Director)
10. Love You Forever (Short Movie) (Writer/Director)
11. Local (Short Movie) (Writer/Director)
12. Characterless (Short Movie) (Writer/Director)
13. Jai Hind (Short Movie) (Writer/Director)
14. Meri Aashiqui (Short Movie) (Writer/Director)
15. Suicide (Short Movie) (Writer/Director)
16. The Master (Short Movie) (Writer/Director)
17. Mazdoor (Short Movie) (Writer/Director)
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20. Water (Short Movie) (Writer/Director)
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20. Policewala (Short Movie) (Writer/Director)
21. Ishaknama (Upcoming Bollywood Movie) (Writer/Director)
22. Me & She (Upcoming Bollywood Movie) (Writer/Director)

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Director Statement

Film making is one of the exceptional forms of art which mankind has discovered. It is a rare art in the world which captures the three senses Sight, Hearing and Intuition of Human consciousness. Aarun Nagar believes in the entertainment that initiates peace and cultural affiliation among the nations in the world. Focus on the promotion of Indian culture to the world through films is always our priority.