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Rise To The Prize!

"Rise To The Prize!"
 Created by Jamal A Thomas

Logline: Contestants on an elevator answer general knowledge trivia questions in an attempt to reach the roof and win 10,000 in cash and prizes!

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“Rise To The Prize!” is an exciting, fun filled, game show.
Contestants board an elevator and engage in
a challenge to reach the roof by answering general knowledge
trivia questions.
If they achieve this goal, they will win 10,000 dollars in cash and prizes!


1) The Elevator Operator/Host will administer the trivia questions.
2) Single contestants or a group of 2-4 can play to win.
3) 10 floors/10 or more trivia questions.
4) Contestants will rise one floor for each correctly answered question.
5) Questions will become progressively harder to answer as contestants reach higher floors.
6) The amount of money to be won for correctly answered questions will also increase as they reach higher floors.
For example:
Floors 1 and 2 = $100 each
Floors 3 and 4 = $200 each
Floors 5 and 6 = $400 each
Floors 7 and 8 = $600 each

***Floor 9 - On the 9th floor, contestants will have a chance to walk away and keep their earnings or go for the grand prize of 10,000 dollars and prizes!

8) There will be a random "Bonus” round interjected
on any floor starting from the 3rd to the 7th floor.

***This Bonus round will consist of the answering of a multiple part trivia question.

***It will be worth the gain of multiple floors at once.

9) “True Or False” round - Elevator will open on a floor and someone will be there to dramatically ask a true or false question.

10) Baseball Rules – Three strikes and you're out!
However, completing the "Bonus" round successfully can earn contestants
a free strike or the redemption of a strike.

Contestants can utilize three question “Assists”
1) An emergency call from the elevator to the front desk, any department in the building or a person of choice.
2) Contestants can request a “Multiple Choice” option.
3) Contestants can also use the floor they are on when the question is asked to approach anyone available to assist with correctly answering the question.

“Rise To The Prize!” will do well in the 18-49
age demographic.
This diverse group of Male/Female viewers will consist of interested teens, young and middle age adults, trivia buffs etc.

"Rise To The Prize!"
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