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IS IT DOABLE? BLACK HAWK UP (Mission Pacifying Somalia)

We see a Country called Somalia in a hellish, desolate place ravaged by famine, disease and very bloody clan warfare. Most of what is left of the government has fled into exile in Nairobi, Kenya. In the prevailing chaos, we see Somalia is becoming a haven for al Qa`eda linked terrorists called al Shabaab, pirates, drug traffickers and assorted criminals.
Something has to be done to restore order as pirates, launching off the Mogadishu coastline has also made the seaway down from the Gulf of Aden very hostile waters for international shipping.
We see a man, who is Uganda`s commander-in-chief who had visited Mogadishu fourteen years earlier when the civil war had just started and met with warlord Mohammed Farrah Aideed, getting some sort of thinking after watching the News about what was going on in Somalia, which informed President Yoweri`s decision to bring the Somalia situation to the attention of his generals hence the plan to deploy UPDF to pacify Somalia begins to take shape in 2005 after He quietly sent his three trusted officers to Baidoa to study the security and political situation, and give him a report whether it is doable to pacify Somalia or not?

  • Eng. Mukasa Geofrey
    Kampala Has Fallen, Uganda the Garden of Eden, Cracking the Mafia Network, etc
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Writer Biography - Eng. Mukasa Geofrey

I am a Petroleum Engineer by Profession but i developed love for films especially writing scripts and i have written Movie Scripts Like, Kampala Has Fallen, Is It Doable? Black Hawk Up!, Cracking The Mafia Network, Operation Wealth Creation, Uganda The Garden of Eden, and others are still in writing process.

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IS IT DOABLE? BLACK HAWK UP! (Mission Pacifying Somalia) is written to give accountability and appreciate the great work of Men and Women who put their lives on the line to pacify a Country which has become a home to the most feared terrorist groups in the world. Especially the UPDF, Burundian Force, Ethiopian Force, KDF, US ARMY, British Army, France Army, UN, AU among others.