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FOREVER EVE is a cautionary tale about Mankind's willful ignorance in the face of apocalypse.

In the not-too-distant-future, a Holy World War turns nuclear and Eve Trusade - a young and passionate environmentalist - experiences a vision in which she sees herself as the Earth's Saviour.

With time running out, no one is willing to believe her. But if the whole world sees the same vision at the same time then, surely, seeing is believing?

John Wride is a self-absorbed childhood friend who, nonetheless, accompanies Eve on her prophetic journey - to death and beyond - and, in doing so, sees his life, and potentially all of Mankind's, changed forever.

'Like Father like Daughter: Do you believe in Eve?'

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    Apocalyptic, Science fiction, Drama, Conservational, Action
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Writer Statement

At University I won first prize in a short story competition open to all students and lecturers, but I didn’t keep a copy of it because I didn’t consider myself a writer. I was a student teacher, specialising in Art and Drama, and I just so happened to have that one story - a short one at that - rattling around inside my head. It didn’t take long to write out and submit.

Then, several years later, another story appeared; ‘appeared’ being the most appropriate word as it predominantly presented itself in visual form. It was a movie playing in my head, complete with accompanying music from Bowie, The Stranglers, Mike Oldfield and The Charlatans.

So I taught myself how to write a feature length script and learned, among other things, that I’d have to be Tarantino if I wanted to incorporate musical cues. (Sad but, apparently, true - especially if you're a nobody like me).