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Skin privilege

What was supposed to be a normal evening of church turned horrific for sixteen-year-old TYREKA COMBS. Barely able to escape from being raped by her deacon, Tyreka flies out of the church running down the dark empty street on Detroit’s West Side. Her phone begins ringing, so she slows down gathering herself, trying to stop from crying, pulling the phone out answering. Beginning to explain what almost happened to her to the unknown person on the other end of the phone, a squad car slowly pulls up shinning a light on her.

Relieved the police showed up so she can file a report, she places her phone in her coat pocket walking over to the car. She begins explaining her story to Officer STANTON, and before she can say the name of the deacon, he sprays her in the face with mace. Screaming falling to the ground, Stanton quickly gets out grabbing her, opening the back door shoving her in, and then he gets back in the car and it pulls off. In the back seat, she’s being beat until she goes unconscious by her deacon DWAYNE. Stanton turns looking at him, asking where he wants to rape her at, and Dwayne replies at the “Roundup”. The driver NORMAN says a racial reply directed towards Dwayne, and Dwayne responds with something that makes them laugh.

While fondling Tyreka’s body, Dwayne feels her phone, and he becomes nervous pulling it out seeing the person she was on the phone with is still on the line. In a state of panic, Dwayne begins speaking on how they’ll get caught. Norman and Stanton laugh. Norman says since he’s the chief of police and the mayor is one of his good friends, nothing will happen. They all laugh, and Dwayne smashes her phone against his knee ending the call. Hours later, Tyreka is bludgeon and bloody with a hole in her chest and cracked skull resting on a hospital bed, as doctors desperately try to save her life.
In the lobby filled with concerned people pacing back and forth worried about Tyreka’s well-being, her father HOWARD sits in a chair rocking, biting on his thumb, praying his daughter is okay. The doctor comes walking up to him trying to explain in the most settling way his daughter died, Howard sees pass the lies breaking down crying, causing everyone else to start crying. That same night in a motel, someone is watching the news about the rape and murder of Tyreka, and the person watching the news throws a beer bottle at the screen shattering it.

The day of the funeral, Howard is unable to watch his daughter being lowered into the ground, so he walks away and Dwayne comes up behind him placing a hand on his shoulder to make him stop. Putting on his best Oscar performance to show he feels bad about what happened to Tyreka, Dwayne tries comforting Howard, but Howard brushes him off, continuing on his way to the limo waiting for him. Approaching the limo, Norman comes up to Howard expressing the police will catch the person behind the crime, but yet again, Howard brushes him off, getting in the limo. As the limo pulls off, Norman places a cigarette in his mouth laughing, because Howard would never begin to think he was one of the people involved in the rape and murder of his daughter.

That night, Howard gives an exclusive interview addressing not just what happened to his daughter, but rapist, the lack of respect women have for themselves and to the people living in the city of Detroit or plan on living there. Six months later, Dwayne pulls into a motel room for a sexual evening with a sixteen-year-old girl named RAQUEL. When he comes up to the door walking in, he’s greeted with the barrel of a shotgun to the side of his head. Standing in the room in fear of his life, he stares at Raquel confused, while every few seconds using his eyes looking to the side at the hitman holding the shotgun to his head. Dwayne asks Raquel what’s this all about? And then a voice from the bathroom is heard, and seconds later VINCENT comes out walking up to Dwayne placing the barrel of his Desert eagle to his head. Vincent asks one question, and before Dwayne can get his lie out, the hitman knocks him upside the head with the shotgun, knocking him unconscious to the floor.

On the other side of town in the back of a luxury vehicle, AJ, a couple of bodyguards, two strippers and the mayor JEFFERY are laughing and drinking. The strippers are licking lines of cocaine off the plate resting on Jeffery’s lap. One of the guards is bothered by the way the mayor is behaving. Aj mentions Tyreka’s murder never being solved and Jeffery in so many words says she got what was coming to her for being on that side of town. It goes silent…the ride shakes from running over a pothole, and Jeffery says that he should invest some money into having the streets fixed, and everyone breaks out laughing.

The guard that was feeling uncomfortable notices they’re on a bad side of town drawing his weapon, demanding the driver to stop the car. Aj and the other guards draw their weapons, while Jeffery and the strippers sit back nervous. The ride comes to a stop, and Aj along with the guards get out on one side. The Guard who felt uneasy gets out on the other side. Jeffery and the women watch the men approach the front of the car, and then out the blue, gunshots ring out. Jeffery and the women get on the floor as the shots continue. Looking up with his eyes, Jeffery sees the guard standing in the door panting, blood coming from the bullet wound in his shoulder. The guard gets ready to speak, but multiple bullets rip through his body killing him, before he can get the words out.
Jeffery goes to reach for the guard gun, and the barrel of an AK-47 is placed in his face, being held by XAVIER. Xavier tells the women to get out, and they quickly make haste, only to end up getting shot as soon they get out. Aj and two of the guards get back in the ride. Jeffery looks back confused, and when he looks forward, Xavier knocks him out with the end of the AK.
Meanwhile at the “Roundup”, Norman is sitting at the end of the bar with two other guys taking shots. Norman has his eyes locked on the stranger sitting down at the other end of the bar drinking. Needing to know who this person is, Norman downs one more shot before making his way down to the unknown man. The man looks at him, and Norman asks does he know where he’s at? The man says a racial slur, and Norman smiles, telling him his name. The man looks at Norman smiling telling him his name is CAI. The two begin talking, and Cai explains how he found out about the place and he’s there seeking help to find a person who broke into his parents house.

Norman is eager to help since Stanton is the one who told Cai he could find help there. Cai and Norman come up on the porch of a drug spot, and before they go in, Norman whispers to Cai kill everybody. No witnesses. Cai knocks on the door, and someone on the other side speaks. Norman quickly kicks the door in, and Cai rushes in. Norman looks at the person who was behind the door, and then shoots him in the chest, turning his attention to Cai aiming his gun at Darnell. Norman comes over to the two thinking he’s about to kill Darnell, and that’s when Cai steps back shooting Norman in the leg.
Norman falls to the floor grabbing at his leg moaning in pain, and that’s when Cai explains what he has in store for him and Stanton, right before he stomps Norman unconscious. While the police are on a city wide manhunt looking for the mayor, chief and deacon, Cai walks into the police station inhabited with a few officers in the lobby and SIMMONS is behind the front desk. He walks up to the desk wearing a long trench coat, carrying a laptop in his left hand, keeping his right hand in his coat pocket. The Simmons questions Cai about his right hand being in his pocket, and Cai replies with something smart causing Simmons to draw his gun standing to his feet, and the few officer in the lobby draw down on him as well.
Stanton comes rushing to the front, and Cai looks over at him smiling, telling Stanton to have Simmons frisk him. Stanton gives the okay, and Simmons keeps his aim on him, walking over to Cai opening his coat, and his mouth drops open in fear stepping back staring at the C-4 and grenades strapped to the vest Cai is wearing. Everyone is on edge, because Cai tells them the detonator is in his right pocket. Silence fills the room, and then Cai asks Simmons does he have any children, and Simmons replies no. Cai laughs, and then one of the officers in the lobby turns their aim on Simmons blowing his brains out.
Stanton reaches for his gun, and the officers take aim on him. Cai pulls out a walkie talkie telling the men downstairs to come lockdown the lobby. Vincent, Aj and Xavier come up from the basement holding rifles. Vincent walks over to Stanton placing the barrel to his head, taking his gun from him. Stanton asks Cai what does he want? Cai tells him they’ll have the discussion in his office. Vincent keeps the gun to Stanton’s head escorting him back into his office, and Cai grabs the tablet following behind them.

Once they’re in the office, Cai sets up the tablet so the can go live via “Skype” with the news, leaving the lives of the three captives in Stanton’s hands. All he has to do is have a conversation about the law and skin privileges, while exposing to the city of Detroit the crime him and the others committed and got away with.

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