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The blacc rose family

On a cool summer night, staring down at the cars flooding East Jefferson from the top of an abandon building, BLU ROSE, a cold-blooded murderer and drug dealer takes a sip from the glass of cognac in his right hand pondering something on his mind. He has a stone face savoring the taste of his drink, turning his attention to the black rose etched on the handle of the Desert eagle in his right hand. Having a flashback of the last moments with his mother, and how she was setup, he comes back to reality taking another sip from his glass moving down to the other end of the roof. A man by the name of LAWRENCE is tied down in a chair with the legs cemented down on the roof, and his mouth is duct taped to the barrel of a shotgun mounted on the ledge.

Standing to the side with ice running through their veins is Blu’s two henchmen SLICE and TYSON. Blu takes a seat on the ledge taking a sip from his drink staring at Lawrence with a slight smirk. Blu begins telling him the rules his mother told him about the drug business when he was little and that family is the most important thing in this world. Blu signals for Slice to go back into the building, and within seconds, Slice comes back holding multiple black garbage bags, placing them down beside Blu. With a smile, Blu speaks on Lawrence children, before placing some black leather gloves on opening one of the bags reaching inside pulling out the limbs of Lawrence children.

Vomit builds up in Lawrence mouth looking at the horror of his dismembered children. Blu places one hand on the slide of the shotgun, and the other on the handle placing a finger on the trigger. Before pulling the trigger, Blu reminds Lawrence why he’s about to die, before pulling the trigger blowing his head off. Cool as the night air, Blu places a cigarette in his mouth lighting it, telling Slice and Tyson to clean up the mess, because he has to go and see if his dogs finished eating Lawrence wife body. The next day, Blu sits behind his desk in his real estate office looking at a picture of him and his mother on his laptop.

He clicks on a file labeled “My businesses” and three folders labeled “Club grade A, Good eating and the spot” open up. Clicking on “Club grade A” twelve screens showing different areas in his strip club opens up. He clicks on the screen showing the V.I.P. room, and in walks his best worker SEDUCTION being followed by an intoxicated man. Blu explains who Seduction is while she gives the man a lap dance, slipping her hand in her thong to retrieve a GHB pill, which she drops in his drink. Blu laughs at the situation before going to the camera showing the basement where another stripper is naked, sleep on a slab, and a surgeon is standing beside her with a scalpel. The surgeon makes an incision under her breast, and then reaches inside pulling out a silicon bag filled with cocaine.

Turning his attention to the spot, he sees GOON #1, GOON #2, GOON # 3 and SEAN in the basement drinking and smoking. Sean has a tattoo of a black rose under his right eye, but he’s nowhere near part of what the rose represents. A crackhead comes into the basement looking for a fix, and Goon #1 takes his money telling him it’s not enough. The crackhead has got over on Goon #1 before, so he tries again, not knowing Sean is the leader of this spot, and he’s not about to take shorts on his money. Sean confronts Goon #1 about the money that’s been coming up short, and Goon #1 tries explaining, but Sean isn’t hearing it, pulling his gun out shooting him in the head.
Disgusted by Sean’s actions, Blu turns his attention to his restaurant “Good eating”. He sees MEKA, somebody he has working for him unloading condiments, and then she reaches a box labeled “Special sauces”. She opens the box and inside are black jars filled with cocaine. Reaching down on the bottom shelf, she grabs a duffel bag placing three of the jars inside so she can sell on the side. Blu smiles closing his laptop thinking on how he’ll address the shady situations he saw. He then goes to explain how he doesn’t involve himself with the police, because you can’t trust them.

Another one of Blu’s drug spots is getting raided by the police, and this is where PHILLIP, a dirty cop that once worked for Blu’s mother comes into the story. Phillip has one of Blu’s workers pinned up against the wall getting information out of him. Not about Blu, because he has no idea Blu is still alive, but information so he can get drugs, guns and money. Before Blu prepares to solve the problem at the spot Sean runs, he stops into a dollar store, and this is where he meets LACARRA. A beautiful cashier that plays hard to get, giving Blu more motivation to peruse her. Later that night, Blu and Slice arrive at the spot, and this is where Blu runs across BRYANT. A teenage wanna-be gangster. No one has a clue who Blu is, but they’re about to find out the true meaning behind what the black rose stands for, and who really started it.

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