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God's speaker

Deacon PATRICK GRAVES, a god-fearing man loved by everyone in his congregation and community, sits at the head of his table in the dining room annoyed sucking his teeth, using his eyes to look to the left at MICHAEL YOUNG, and then to the right at his wife DANIELLE. They’re having a nice dinner with a glass of wine, and light conversation. Danielle can sense something’s bothering Patrick, so she decides to ask him what’s wrong, and that’s when Patrick breaks wide about knowing her and Michael have been having an affair for the past four months.

Danielle and Michael quickly deny the accusations, but Patrick tells them there’s no need, because he’s a man of God, so he’ll leave it in his hands, and far as his marriage goes, they can get the divorce papers in the morning. A breath of relief comes from Danielle and Michael. Patrick raises his glass for a toast, to moving on, and they all touch glasses taking a sip. Within a few seconds, Michael and Danielle experience a nauseating feeling grabbing at their heads trying to stand, falling back in their seats, as Patrick takes a sip from his wine, watching their heads fall to the table.

Pleased the drugs he placed in their wine took affect, Patrick stands up walking over to Danielle leaning down, giving her a kiss on the cheek. Within an hour, Patrick has Danielle and Michael tied back to back in chairs, gagged inside the garage covered with plastic. Patrick is standing to the side drinking whiskey from the bottle, watching Michael squirm trying to get free. Patrick takes one more sip, and then walks over to Michael removing his gag. Michael tries reasoning out of the situation, but Patrick tells him, his ten-year-old daughter BRIDGETTE was the first to see the tape of her mother committing adultery.

With no further words to say, Patrick places the gag back in Michael’s mouth, and then pulls out a steak knife placing it to Michael’s throat, slitting it aggressively. In front of Patrick’s house, Michael’s ten-year-old son FRED has rolled up on his bike looking for his father, getting off the bike walking up to the door ringing the bell getting no response. Walking back down to his bike prepared to get on and leave, Fred looks in the back seeing the garage door partially open, and light coming from inside. Creeping to the garage, Fred gets down on his stomach looking inside, and he sees horror beyond his belief.

Patrick has Danielle and Michael’s shirtless bodies laid out on the plastic, carving flesh from their bodies. He cuts a piece of flesh from Michael’s chest and stares at it for a second, before placing it in his mouth chewing. Fred shrieks, sliding back from the door that’s slowly coming up. Patrick gets a quick glimpse at Fred, before he gets up running away. With blood coming from his mouth, Patrick continues chewing, walking back in the garage closing the door. Hours later, police have Patrick’s street blocked off. Police are going in and coming out of his house, as he stands on the porch with Bridgette. Detective THOMPSON stands in front of Patrick waiting on the men to finish their search. Another detective, RONALD comes out the house telling Thompson the house is clean.

Thompson apologizes for the wrongful search, and Patrick tells him a man of God would never commit murder, before he goes back in the house with his daughter. Thompson makes his way across the street to a Cadillac, and Fred’s grandmother JANET gets out, along with Fred. Fred stares at the house in horror. Thompson tells Janet this was a false alarm, and she becomes irate, telling Thompson before getting back in her car, “If the law won’t handle the situation, the Lord will.” Janet and Fred get back in the car pulling off, leaving Thompson sighing deep, looking back at the house.

Three weeks later in church, the building is filled with the congregation listening to the choir singing a song, filling everyone with the “Holy Ghost”. Bridgette is sitting in the front pew enjoying the song, when TERRY a good friend of the family comes up taking a seat beside her, asking if she’s okay with the disappearance of her mother. Bridgette tells him her father told her to be strong. Either she’ll come back home or she’s in the hands of the Lord. Patrick comes from the back making his way to the pulpit, and the music and singing slowly desists.
Patrick looks over the congregation smiling, asking everyone to explain what the Lord has blessed them with. GREG GREENE stands to his feet explaining how he’s blessed to be with his family, which is everyone in the church today. He’s also blessed he was able to get his writing career off the ground, praying for the success of his first book he has out on the shelves. The room applauds his success, and then Patrick asks him what kept him focused on his goal. Greg tells him he knows in order to reclaim his wife and daughter, he had to put the bottle down, which is what caused them to leave.
Greg takes his seat, and then BRADLEY SUMMERS stands telling the room how he’s blessed being clean from Heroin for seventeen years, with no desires to convert back. The room applauds him, and Patrick asks what he does to resist the temptation. Bradley tells the room the junkies in his neighborhood remind him of his self, so he helps those in need trying to beat the addiction down at the clinic. Taking his seat, ERIC HEAP stands to his feet telling the room he’s lucky to be alive, and not doing time behind bars.
Patrick is shocked by what Eric said, asking him why would he end up doing time behind bars. Eric tells him he broke into someone’s house, and the woman greeted him with the barrel of a shotgun, telling him he should earn the things he wants in life. Patrick tells the room about how he used to steal when he was younger, and when his mother caught him, she tried to tear the skin off his back. The room breaks out laughing, as Eric takes his seat. Last to stand is ASHLEY TURNER, who tells the room she’s blessed the disease she contracted was curable. This catches everyone off guard, because they just knew Ashley was a good girl. She tells them after she cured her disease she declared a vow of celibacy.
Ashley takes her seat, and Patrick ends the morning sermon by telling everyone the Lord giveth and taketh away, so be happy with your blessings and don’t take them for granted. After church, Patrick is standing by the door shaking the hands of the people coming out. Janet comes up stopping in front of him, and Patrick asks why hasn’t she been attending church, and with a sassy mouth, she tells him she knows the truth. Patrick smiles telling her let’s take a walk, and the two walk down towards the corner of the street.

They have a short and sweet conversation about what Fred saw the night he killed Michael and Danielle. Patrick ends the conversation by telling her only the Lord knows your death date, but by the way you talk, you’ll end up meeting him before your time. From there, Patrick goes on a bloody holy rampage, killing those who break the commandments, eating certain parts of their flesh to cleanse their soul in his mind.

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