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In God you trust

On a rainy night in South Carolina, 1874, SLAVE #1 comes running up to the rundown slave quarters rushing inside to escape from the rain. Inside there’s slaves eating and humming an old spiritual, and further towards the back in a corner is a woman in a rocking chair holding a baby, looking at the other slaves ashamed their eating the food supplied by the slave owner son. Slave #1 makes his way towards the warm fire in the fireplace and then he pauses, looking over his right shoulder sucking his teeth seeing DOUGLASS, the slave owner son sitting in the corner watching the slaves enjoy their meal.

SLAVE #2 moves over to Douglass thanking him for the meal, wondering why he treats the slaves with kindness. Douglass begins explaining his reasons why, and then extends his grandmother’s sapphire ring on his right hand, telling the slaves the ring was passed down in his family to those who treat people with kindness. Slave #2 then asks Douglass why does his father hate the slaves, and that’s when the door comes open, and in walks twelve Caucasian men dripping wet, carrying nooses and machete’s.

Sebastian is the last to walk in, standing in the doorway looking at the slaves disgusted they are alive. Slave #1 looks over at Sebastian smiling, and Sebastian nods his head for him to leave. Now Douglass sees he’s been rated out by Slave #1, watching his father make his way towards him. Slave #2 stands up ready to protect Douglass, and one of the men steps up behind him placing a machete to his throat. Sebastian goes on to tell Douglass he’s disappointed that he’s mingling with the slaves, and Douglass tells him they’re people, just like everyone else.

Sebastian pulls his revolver from his side and pistol-whips Douglass, knocking him to the floor. Slave #2 tries to save him, and Sebastian shoots him in the head. The men wrap a noose around Douglass neck, and prop him up against the table. Sebastian gives Douglass one more chance to side with the way he thinks, and Douglass denies the offer. Sebastian begins pistol-whipping him, and when he’s finished, he takes a machete from one of the men, kneeling down looking in Douglass eyes, telling him the slaughter of the slaves will be on his head.

Douglass tells Sebastian, “God will protect me.” And those are his last words before getting decapitated. Adding insult to injury, Sebastian urinates on Douglass dead body, and one of the men picks Douglass head up tossing it in the fire, before they begin slaughtering the slaves. Douglass spirit stands in the room watching the onslaught, before a light from the ring emits a light absorbing him in. Reaching heavens gate, Douglass grandmother is standing waiting for Douglass soul to appear. Once he appears, he’s happy to see his grandmother, but confused why he had to die.

His grandmother tells him it was him time to join God for all his good deeds and Douglass becomes outraged, because in his mind, God shouldn’t have let him get murdered. Douglass curses God, vowing he’ll kill him when the soul of a pure woman wears the ring on his dead body, causing a reverse Adam and Eve. Douglass is banished to hell, and as his soul falls down he rotted hole, his body is skinned by rusty razors. Years later in the depths of hell, a woman named CHRISSY is on her knees looking at the ghouls clinging to the walls ready to devour her body. Douglass ring is on her right hand. Black liquid is coming from the ring coating her arm, as she stands in pain yelling out she defeated Douglass.

A demonic laughter cuts through the room, and the ghouls fade into the darkness. Confident she’s victorious beginning to speak again, and a hand made of black liquid lunges from the darkness grabbing her by the throat pulling her in. Her eyes widen staring into the white eyes with blue souls circulating through them. The beast tells her he’s the only God, before slamming her to the floor growling, turning the room all-white. She sits up on her knees hacking, and from a distance, she sees a stretched out body. Moving closer to the body, she sees it’s her husband LARRY, with lacerations in his back. Holding him in her arms, her tears fall onto his face making him wake up.

Happy her husband is alive; she stands to her feet and then helps him. They begin walking off, and he stops, asking her can they still have the threesome he suggested. Scoffing at what he said, she tells him no, because her religion doesn’t condone acts that will condemn her soul. The walls crack open trickling blood in, as Larry holds her tight, trying to persuade her to give in. His back splits open spilling out black liquid, and the floor turns into disemboweled bodies, grabbing at her legs. Struggling to get free, she pauses looking in fear seeing she’s being held by the grotesque body of the BEAST.

The beast gives her one last chance to join him so they can be God’s, and she declines. A loud bell goes off and the walls crack open spilling blood and organs. The bodies rise from the floor spilling their insides, and a pair of rotted arms lunge from the beast going through her chest, latching hold to each side ripping her apart. The room fills with blood and organs. The year is now 2017 and inside or an art room, SAMANTHA stands in front of a blank canvas debating on what to paint. The door is heard opening, and in walks her husband CASSIDY.
They exchange some romantic words, and then he tells her to close her eyes. Closing her eyes, he goes in his pocket pulling out a ring box opening it, telling her to open her eyes. Her mouth drops open staring at Douglass ring. Taking the ring from the box, she places it on her right hand, before giving him a kiss. That night, Samantha and Cassidy have a party with their friends BILL, EDDIE, BRENDA, TRACY, BRAD and TIFFANY to celebrate a painting Samantha sold. Samantha and Tiffany get into an altercation, and Samantha slaps her with her right hand, and black smoke comes from the ring knocking everyone unconscious, taking over their insides.
When they awake, no one remember what happened, but after leaving the party, one by one they all start dying, and Samantha has tormenting dreams about each death, as the Beast tries breaking her down in order to become God.

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