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In Detroit, Michigan the year is 1997, just weeks before graduation, and in front of Kettering high school, panic and turmoil is ensuing from a gang shootout. Students are fleeing in fear of their lives, and police cars are rolling up on the grass with sirens blaring. A group of students are surrounding one particular student by the name of CRYSTAL. She’s on her knees bawling, as her screams sends chills up the spines of those in ear range. Moving through the chaos, we come upon another student by the name of CHRIS. He’s on his back with a blank stare gazing at the sky, and then a slight smile comes across his face, slowly closing his eyes, and a tear rolls down.

Four weeks before this catastrophe took place; Chris is riding around on the West Side of Detroit on a street called “Schoolcraft”, Blood territory, with his best friend CLIP who is a “CRIP” affiliate. Clip has an attitude scanning over the neighborhood taking a pull from the cigarette hanging from his mouth, hitting the steering wheel frustrated. Chris asks him what’s going on, and Clip proceeds to tell him the story about one of his other Crip members getting murdered three days ago in front of his mother. Chris understands why his friend is mad, so he asks him what’s the deal with them being on the West Side, and Clip tells him he’s looking for the person who killed his friend.

Not comfortable with the situation, Chris begins complaining, but it’s too little too late, because spots the car used in the drive by killing parked in the parking lot of a liquor store. Clip pulls over across the street grabbing a Desert Eagle from under his seat placing it on his lap, before wrapping a blue Bandana around his face. Chris attempts to stop Clip from what he’s about to do, and Clip gives him a look letting him know he’ll kill him, too. Clip gets out the car making his way across the street to the store, and Chris slides over into the driver seat hoping the outcome doesn’t end the way he thinks it will.

Inside the store, BRANDON the person who killed Clip’s friend is chatting with the Store owner, and then he notices the Store owner expression indicate watch out. Brandon turns just in the nick of time avoiding Clip’s punch, throwing one of his own connecting, and the two break out fighting in the store. The fight is going good, until Brandon lands a good punch staggering Clip, allowing him to make a run for the door, but Clip is right behind him. Dashing out the store, Brandon runs to his car, but he doesn’t get there quick enough, as Clip pulls the Desert Eagle out firing, hitting Brandon in the back dropping him to the ground.

Clip runs over to Brandon and kicks him in the face. Brandon rolls over on his back in pain, blood leaking from his mouth looking up at Clip aiming the gun down at him. Clip asks him about the murder, and Brandon laughs saying something disrespectful in regards to the killing, and Clip shoots him once in the head and four more times in the chest. Chris is wide eyed starting the car watching Clip running towards him. Before Clip can get in the car good, Chris is already flying down the street. With his adrenaline pumping, Chris is rambling off at the mouth about how he has class with Brandon, and asking Clip what’s wrong with him. Clip just laughs, taking off his Bandana looking at the blood, before placing a cigarette in his mouth lighting it, satisfied with the murder he committed.

When they get back to Clip’s mother’s house, Chris is still shook up about the murder, while Clip is already getting high calling up MIKE to brag about what went down. The two are laughing on the phone, and Chris gets irritated ready to leave. Clip tells Mike he’ll be over after he drops Chris off. Hanging up the phone, Clip takes pulls from his blunt walking out the house, and Chris is right behind him. In front of Chris mother house, Chris tries to understand how Clip could kill somebody in cold-blood and Clip explains to him school and street smarts are two completely different things, which is something he needs to understand. Chris gets out the car standing to the side watching as Clip drives off, before he makes his way into the house.

Entering the house, Chris mother is in the kitchen smoking a cigarette drinking coffee, waiting on her food to get done. Chris comes into the kitchen, and she notices something is bothering him, but he tells her he’s fine, and then makes his way to his sister TASHA’S room. Opening her bedroom door, another issue is added on his plate staring into the all-red room which was once white. Tasha places the phone down walking over to him, and he questions her about the room. With a smart-mouth, she replies red is her favorite color, but Chris isn’t buying it. He believes it has something to do with joining a gang, but he can’t prove it. He walks away, and Tasha gets back on the phone talking to TONY, Brandon’s best friend, unaware he was murdered until he sees it on the news.
The next day in school, in homeroom, Chris and Tony have the same class and the topic is about gang violence and how it affects teenagers. Chris makes a comment that almost gets him jumped in class, but the teacher breaks it up. Later on in the day before going to lunch, Chris is making his way to the bathroom, not knowing Tony is following behind him. Tony and five other boys surround Chris in the bathroom asking him what he knows about the murder. Chris knows he’s about to get jumped, so he tries to fight them all, but doesn’t prevail, and this is just one of the many things Chris has to deal with.

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