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Alanah's love

ALANAH SKY, a marriage counsler is sitting at her computer desk in her bedroom. Something has her in deep thought with a blank stare. Coming to grasp with what she’s thinking about, a smile of satisfaction graces her face. Standing to her feet wearing a leather bra and thong, holding a blood stained knife in her hand, she makes her way to the other side of the room, walking through the chains hanging from the ceiling.

Reaching the other side of the room, she stares at DAVID, naked, shackled by his wrist from chains hanging from the ceiling, and on his ankles from the chains along the side of the wall, with a leather mask on his face. Shivering with fear, he endures Alanah placing the tip of the blade into his flesh she’s already carved up, making a trail down to his manhood. Words are exchanged, but the words coming from David’s mouth doesn’t please Alanah, so she removes his manhood, and while he screams in agonizing pain, she zips the zipper on his mask, walking out the room leaving him to bleed to death.
The next day, Alanah is doing a vigorous workout in her gym. She begins speaking on her issues with men, and how she doesn’t understand how women fall for the nonsense men call “Game”. At work, she sits behind her desk waiting for her client to come. Bored with nothing to do, she opens her desk draw glancing over the various sexual items, reaching in grabbing a ball gag. Slowly placing the gag in her mouth, she has a flashback of when her father, uncle and their friends gang-raped her, over her father’s debt.

Taking the gag from her mouth placing it back in the desk, the door comes open, and in walks her client LLOYD, a man she’s starting to develop feelings for, because the situation with him and his wife separation in her mind somewhat relates to the pain of when she was raped. They have a short session, and then Lloyd asks her about the glass casket and doll on her desk. Alanah gives an answer that partially explains why, and Lloyd suggests they should have dinner to carry on the conversation.

Alanah declines the offer, and Lloyd walks out the room. She stares at the doll, and then picks it up having a flashback of when she killed her mother, the same night she was raped. Coming back to reality, she begins explaining how her uncle helped with disposing the body. That same day while at lunch in a diner, Alanah is sitting at a booth looking at picture of the men she murdered inside a folder she has formed together as a collage.

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