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Max Of Livermore

When Max Baer stepped into the ring – the world stopped

“Hey, did you hear? Max Baer killed a guy.”

Max Baer had it all... we should be so lucky. Hollywood good looks, an athlete’s body which took him to the top of the boxing world. Shoulders as wide as an airplane, giving his punches the power of thunderbolts. And his laugh...a laugh from heaven, a belly shaking guffaw that made a person feel good, not just about Max but about themselves. Max Baer could make a fella laugh in a time where laughs may have only cost a dime but most folks didn’t have a nickel. And women, don’t forget the women. They loved him and he loved them back... famous actresses like Jean Harlow, Mae West and Broadway star June Knight. We should all be so lucky...

Max’s right hand was famous for knocking out his opponents. His right hand never let him down. That is until it betrayed him...betrayed Max just by doing its job. On the verge of stardom Max sent his clenched fist towards the jaw of Frankie Campbell, a man who would not live to see another day. A man who would never get to see the limelight like Max, never get to be a champion, never get the chance to act in movies like Max...a man who would never have to relive the nightmares like Max Baer.

Upside down, inside out...what happens to a fun loving man when he takes the life of another during what is to be a sporting match?

MAX OF LIVERMORE is a story about triumph and tragedy. Tragedy which never left Max, triumph which may have brought success, fame and all that goes with the spotlight...but a triumph which was fleeting and brought jeers of insults. MAX OF LIVERMORE ultimately is a story of love...the love Max Baer had for his fellow man, for his wife, his children and the love he didn’t know about...the love which people he never met had for him.

In 1933 as Adolf Hitler took over Germany and began with the book burnings and the Kosher laws, he also began banning Jewish athletes from sports, especially boxing. Fighting the great German boxer Max Schmeling, Max Baer wore the Star of David on his trunks and fought the fight of his life. While some in America questioned his motives, the people in oppressed Germany celebrated his victory by giving their children the day off of school...all because Max Baer wore their star. At a time when smiles and laughs were being outlawed, Max Baer gave hundreds of children a reason to laugh and smile. Even half a planet away, Max could make a fella laugh...we should be so lucky.

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    Captain Buffalo, The Blue Goose, The Ugly One: Thor's Revenge
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Writer Biography - Patrick moug

Mr. Moug directed/produced the non-scripted television series KEYS TO THE BLUE GOOSE - a documentary/reality show about the men and women of the challenging Michigan State Police recruit school. Based upon this production, the United States Navy authorized Buoy 22 Films to develop a similar show about the various ships of the fleet.

In addition to THE BLUE GOOSE, Patrick directed the non-scripted project titled SARAH AND JOSE: IMPERFECTLY PERFECT – which centers around recording artist Sarah Lenore and her husband Jose Luis Pagan (a perennial Grammy nominated music producer). Mr. Moug also directed the music video for Sarah’s song IF WE TRY.

In the genre of action adventure, Patrick directed and co-produced the feature film THE UGLY ONE: THOR’S REVENGE (distributed by Global Genesis Group). In hopes of getting justice for a girl who was murdered and set on fire, Patrick (after exhausting all legal channels) produced/directed the controversial documentary BOLD AS A LION- which was the focus of a two hour NBC Dateline segment.

As an actor Patrick has been featured in films with BRUCE WILLIS, DREW BARRYMORE, JEFF DANIELS and ERIC ROBERTS. In the stage world, Patrick acted in his play CAPTAIN BUFFALO at the Detroit Ensemble Theatre. The year prior he directed his play THE DETROIT 59ERS at the Michigan Actors Studio. He was also on stage at Detroit's Gem Theatre in two plays written/produced by JEFF DANIELS- TROPICAL PICKLE and then NORMA AND WANDA.

In his 25 year law enforcement career, Mr. Moug was a SWAT team member, an investigator for his department's Sex Crimes Unit (where he was awarded the Wayne County Prosecutor's Award for Outstanding Victim Advocacy) and as a Detective / Sergeant in the Detective Bureau. Patrick is the founder of The Stomp Drugs Film Festival. He served as the President of the Livonia Lieutenants and Sergeants Association. Mr. Moug was recently selected to be a cold case detective for the Sexual Assault Task Force of the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office in Detroit, Mi.

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MAX OF LIVERMORE is a character and action driven bio-pic about the exciting life of the 1930’s boxing champ MAX BAER whose devastating punches brought fame, fortune, women... and nightmares.