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A Night in the Woods

Sean Harrington is a young entrepreneur living a busy lifestyle. He plans for one weekend to go camping to get away from it all. When Sean arrives at the preserve park he meets an old man at the mouth of the trail. The old man casually jokes and jabs at Sean when Sean, annoyed, heads down the trail. Sean is deep in the woods and slowly everything starts grow more eerie as hears rustling in the bushes behind him, and comes across two dead birds on the trail. Sean finally arrives at the campsite, a modest clearing in the deep forest. He sets up camp, and enjoys the setting sun with the company of a cackling fire. Finally he calls it a night and clambers into his sleeping bag. Sean enjoys an hour of sleep until the sound of falling pots and equipment rattles him from his sleep. He peeks outside and sees a man at the other end of his camp. It uncannily looks similar to the old man he met earlier. Sean falls backwards and when he looks back out the man is gone. Sean struggles with what to do. He doesn't notice the silhouette of a man from behind the tent. Sean frantically runs for the bathroom, the being close behind. Sean locks him out, and looks up at the high window when two clawed hands streak across it. Sean hides under one of the stalls as the Old Man smashes through the window, and falls to the floor of the bathroom. Sean crawls to the last stall, as each one behind him is slammed open by the Old Man with a long snout. Sean preps an impromptu flamethrower of bug spray and a lighter when the Old Man drags him from underneath the stall. However, Sean fights back and is able to drive the Old Man back with fire. He clambers back up the high window. Sean listens as he hears something run across the metal roofing. The blood on the walls from the Old Man slowly dissolves into smoke. Sean falls asleep. When he awakens it is to the sound of more knocking, the police arrived. Sean is slow to trust at first but then complies. The policemen show him his campsite, in complete ruin. The police drive him back. A young couple is talking with the old man, who tells them the same story he told Sean. Sean quickly avoids the old man and heads to his car. The young couple head into the woods. They are far deep into the woods when they hear a rustling behind them. The old man is not seated at his bench. End.

  • Jeff Hammye
  • Project Type:
    Screenplay, Short Script
  • Genres:
    Horror, Suspense, Thriller
  • Number of Pages:
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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Writer Biography - Jeff Hammye

Jeff was born and raised in the great state of Ohio. Currently he writes in the wonderful city of Sylvania, all the while attending the University of Toledo.

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