With an inner world as vivid as her outer reality, a highly intuitive woman struggles to navigate them both, reclaim her lost love, and fulfil her revolutionary destiny.

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Writer Biography - Miranda Linda Weisz

Miranda Linda Weisz (also known as Daganac'h) is an author/writer, psychotherapist, astrologer and spiritual teacher. She is a sought after motivational speaker and lecturer, and speaks eight languages: English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, German, Spanish, French and Hungarian.

Miranda* was born in Leeds, England 8.8.1965 to her Norwegian mother and Hungarian father, and given the name Linda Brit. Her international background includes growing up in Minnesota, USA (1968-1974), Heide, Germany (1974-1978) and Norway (1978-1986), then working as a tourist guide for Star Tours in Greece, on Crete, the Canary island Lanzarote and Cyprus (1986-1988) and as a flight attendant for Scandinavian Airlines System (1988-2011).

In November 1996, Miranda* received an unprovoked experience of Cosmic Consciousness, the day after a precognitive sense of something "unusual" about to happen. She remained in this state for over a week, not requiring sleep or food. (This state has been similarly described in 1924 by Tara Mata in "A Forerunner of the New Race", the day after she met Paramahansa Yogananda for the first time.) It was during her experience of Cosmic Enlightenment that Miranda* followed her inner directive and, with what can be described as an inner and outer "Pass-it-on movement", shared her experience with the intention of awakening open hearts from within and helping them to recognize their own inherent Divine (authentic) nature.

Her autobiographical book, "Star Avatar" (Balboa Press 2012) explains this important event, the results that followed, and her consequent commitment to live her life as an example of living in Balance and moving in Divine Timing (what she refers to as Omnisynchronicity); operating from the Divine Feminine state of the Void (no-mind, Satori, Samadhi), in perfect alignment with Divine Natural Order.

In addition to her autobiography, "Star Avatar" she has written a children's philosophical book, "The Game of Life", as well as numerous articles published in England, Norway and Denmark.

Her latest literary work is the drama/mystery feature film screenplay "The Divine Feminine", which is based on her book.

On Dec. 21, 2012, Miranda* was one of ten invited presenters, along with Gregg Braden and Mayan elder Hunbatz Men, to speak at the sacred Earth event held in Chichen Itza, Mexico.

Since July 2014, she has been using her ancient Celtic Druidic name Daganac'h in connection with public speaking engagements and interviews related to her spiritual work.

Miranda* is a vegan, dedicated to supporting numerous earth- and life-saving projects, and devoted to spreading awareness about how to live in sustainable harmony with nature, animals and one another for the betterment of all. Her biggest passion is to use the influential and far-reaching media of movies to help uplift and inspire people everywhere.

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Writer Statement

This is a voice that needs to be heard, because it is a voice representing a rapidly growing number of people all around the world.

This screenplay is based on my book "Star Avatar", with added fictional elements to enhance the story.

Excerpt from Gregg Braden's "The Divine Matrix" with permission.

Am happy to let producer/director/casting staff choose the actors for this important movie, but have one wish, if possible: Liam Neeson for the voice of Bear!