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The Future's Source Code

The story begins with a mission performed by Mr. Allen, an agent of FBI, the mission in which he arrests a drug dealer, and through which he shows all his skills in planning and implementation and infiltration and disguises. After the success of the mission and without firing a single bullet, he is called by Mr. Aiden, a general in the army, to join a secret project, due to the need for a person with a such qualifications.
The project is a huge computer program which is able to expect the future. This program is able to spy on any device that is working with a unit of calculation and is able to determine the location of each person. All information gathered is for one purpose, it's to calculate all probabilities that everyone can do, and therefore everything that can happen in the future, and then control it by changing a small things to reach in the result that they want.
Given the strength of the program, they use a huge computer, and a new technology to determine the location of each person, and which is planted in all cloths. After Allen sees all this, he agrees, and begins to work.
Inside the military building which contain the project, he receives an encrypted message from a programming engineer , He doesn't understand what that means, suddenly, and after a short time of working, he finds himself accused of terrorist operations, And even tried to kill him, taking advantage of the program.
What is happening to Allen is what we call the coincidence, but the accumulation of coincidences makes Allen concludes that they are responsible for everything. Allen understands what the encrypted message means, it was a help to disappear from the eyes of the program. This help lets him able to attain an old man has worked previously in the program, and managed to escape exploiting a weakness in the program to convince it that he had committed suicide. The old man gives to Allen some answers, but not all of it, the most important information is related to the duration of the calculation. The program can calculate the probabilities for the next three years and is not the same thing they told him, that will change a lot of things.
Allen finds himself forced to bring his beloved Emma which working as a nurse, to hide her from their eyes, so to not exploit her as a point of weakness, he leaves her with the old man, until heading to the engineer to get answers to understand what is happening with him. Sneaking into the home's engineer, the first surprise is the change in his personality, the engineer was troubled when he meets him in the building, but he is no longer. Allen enters into a discussion with him and understands that the program was able determine who represents a danger to be eliminated to ensure its continuation, and Allen was in the list, but he was a special case, all probabilities were heading to one result, it's the destruction of the program. This is why they preferred to enter him to the program to re-calculate the probabilities of the new, and is the same reason why the engineer changed his personality to lessen the likelihood that the program adds him to the list.
During the debate Allen is surprised by the news, they arrest Emma and the old man, all things during the arrest indicates that the old man is responsible for the arrest, which forces Allen to decide the confrontation. Allen exploits the weak point in the program themselves to infiltrate inside the building project and then modify the program, he begins manipulating everyone, until he is discovered, but he had fled. Among the changes he has made to the program is the duration of the calculation, Which has become infinite, which causes the computer to work without stopping, and thus increase its temperature to be forced to switch it off and abandon their strong point. The general realize that no escape from a direct confrontation, but it was planned in advance, he calls for it ten commandos.
The confrontation begins in an abandoned factory, Allen has been able to eliminate nine of them, taking advantage of that he was inside the program and was able to see all the probabilities and to know everything that each one of them will do, to reach at the last to the General and deprives him of his gun oriented towards Emma, Allen lured the general in a speech to let him confess everything that they tried fabricated to him, so that the general thinks that he cannot prove anything.
The surprise is who is the commando number 10, it's Emma, and who is orienting Allen's guns toward him ready to fire, that disappoints him, but he controls himself and explain to her that he already knows that she is with them because she made a mistake, when he noticed a change between the situation when he left her with the old and her situation during their arrest, and preferred to keep hope, perhaps she really loved him, and she will prefer him than them, but Emma has already chosen, she pulls the trigger, the gun explode, the bullet goes out from the back and she dies, Allen programmed this.
The police arrived to arrest the general, Allen also knows where the confrontation will be and putted cameras and direct broadcast all general's confessions.

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Writer Biography - Mohammed Lafriakh

Professor of physical sciences. I have end my first screenplay: "THE FUTURE'S SOURCE CODE".

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I have end my first screenplay: "THE FUTURE'S SOURCE CODE".