Dog House

PRENTICE MEREDITH SCULLEY is an older woman and ex-nurse who lives in Mexico. She keeps herself busy running a skydiving academy, repairing damaged parachutes and counterfeiting jumpsuits off the internet. In her spare time she cares for mistreated animals and she spies on and torments her neighbours. Prentice’s husband suffered a tragic skydiving accident on their first wedding anniversary and she is now a widow, or maybe just divorced, as her husband’s whereabouts and his health status remain unclear.
ARMANDO and his wife ASHLEY have been living in a rundown apartment in some mid-American city. Armando is working on his second novel, his break through book flopped but he's still under contract to produce a second. He has six months to finish the work or he believes his writing career will be over. His wife Ashley is a semi successful blogger but her writing is not bringing in enough money to cover their expenses.
The young couple decide to move into Armando’s inheritance, his grandparents’ house in Mexico. Their plan is to continue writing and to save money while they sell the house. The young couple intend to stay for a maximum of six months but they soon discover they have moved in next door to an old lady with a number of issues. They have no idea that she keeps a macabre secret in her basement or that they are about to become caught up in her revenge.
MEME and his pilot LIZARD are involved with a Mexican Cartel, they smuggle drugs from Mexico into the United States. The gangsters have been getting away with their smuggling strategy for some time, but recently cracks have begun appearing in their operation. The Cartel has upped the price and Meme has refused to pay. His solution is to hire the mysterious CUTTER, an Australian hit man, as his back up shooter.
Prentice has discovered that gangsters are running drugs through her beloved skydiving academy but she is not interested in reporting it to the authorities. She has her own unique way of dealing with people that cross her, and she has put in place a long range plan that will rid her of the gangsters and allow her to take over their operation.
Meme, Lizard and Cutter are more than willing to take on the Mexican Mafia in a gun battle but they have no idea what they are up against when they face-off with the little old lady who rescues mistreated animals. The gangsters and the couple are about to find out that Prentice is more capable than she appears to be.
Dog House is a character driven black comedy. The story is quirky and whacky collision of different people with their own problems caught up in a bad situation. Only Prentice Meredith Sculley, the kookiest of them all, is able to maintain control.

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