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Alex has designed the ultimate in connected houses. Everything from grocery shopping to refilling prescriptions and personal settings for showers is automated. In the Ashli house, all you have to do is take items from the door when they’re delivered and put them away. Ashli will do almost everything else.
Brittany, Alex’s wife, finds the Ashli house to be too invasive. She’s uncomfortable having a service deliver tampons based on her birth control prescription. But beyond that sense of discomfort, there seems to be something wrong with the house. First it was the wrong pill in her daily dosages. Then a type of drink that is contraindicated by her medication. Finally, her shower settings almost boil her alive.
Although Brittany swears she has nothing to do with these glitches, neither Alex nor Brittany’s sister, Lacie, believe her. Instead, Brittany’s history of mental illness leads them to believe she may be suffering a mental breakdown.
Alex works hard to build more Ashli houses, or retrofit them as he has done for Lacie and her husband. Brittany begs him to stop. To turn it all off, but Alex refuses.
Throughout it all, someone is watching Brittany and others with Ashli houses. This shadowy individual seems to be behind the issues Brittany has had with the house.
When Alex must leave for a business trip, Brittany is left alone in the house. Lacie receives a call she believes is from Brittany that her sister will be out of town, so there’s no need for Lacie to check on her.
Brittany settles into the house once Alex is gone, but she’s awakened by a horrific sight. Her sister, niece, nephew, and brother-in-law are in danger, as are an old family friend and her husband. The shadowy figure insists the time has come for Brittany to suffer for others as the shadow man feels they have suffered for her.
The shadow man has devised tests for Brittany and forces her to choose between her own well-being and that of the friends and family he has captured using the features of the Ashli house.
Brittany is forced to watch as the shadow man tortures those she loves. When the time comes, she tries to choose others, but she can only do so much. In the end, some will die and others will save themselves.

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Writer Biography - Shari Malin

Shari A. Malin holds a master's degree in English Education and has spent much of her life teaching students the joy of reading and writing. Her love of writing began when she was in elementary school and has carried through her entire adult life.

Shari is the author of the Highland Home series which currently includes Mourning Sun, Captured Sun, Seven Days, Banished Sun and Nine Lives. Shari has also written several romance novels. The most recent include a thriller romance and a historical romance.

In 2014, Shari began working on scripts for a large-scale dramatic series that has not yet been picked up, but which did garner notice by several outlets including HBO and Hulu. Since then, she has completed a ten episode teen series, and several feature film and short scripts.

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