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12th Hour Painting

Intertwined realities, collide as artists, Bella and Gergo take up arms in a fight against censorship and intolerance in 1956 Hungary. While in present-day NYC under the maniacal director, Stan Farkas, actions on and off stage indelibly and tragically link the past and present.

An anonymous tourist enters the fictitious Ibsen Art Gallery. At that point we are thrust into the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. We follow artists Gergo and Bella as they take up arms and join other artists and students against a regime of censorship and intolerance.

Running parallel, in present-day NYC, a maniacal director berates his actors stifling their creativity leading to dissent. Members of his cast conspire with Barry Silvermon, a theater mogul who's out to shutter the Starlight. The play takes place in the fictitious country of Ruchstan, an allegory of 1956 Hungary and too on the brink if civil collapse.

In the final act of the stage play we are transported through a painting in the onstage play and emerge out of Bella’s at the apex of the revolution in Budapest.

A moment has passed at the Ibsen Art Gallery. The tourist steps aside to reveal Bella's painting of a destroyed city of Budapest. The anonymous tourist identity is now revealed as Barry Silvermon. He leaves gallery passing through a throng of protesters and disappears into the expanse of Central Park.

  • Stephen Settimi
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  • Genres:
    Drama, Historical, Thriller
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    United States
  • Language:
    English, Hungarian
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Writer Biography - Stephen Settimi

Stephen is a bit of an entrepreneur. Along with having written and directed a number of stage plays, I’ve written a few screenplays, none of which I felt a moral imperative to push out to the screen. This project, 12th Hour Painting is different and the exception. I have some business smarts in having started a software company; owning and operating an Indie arts house, owning and operating a small distillery, and have lent my mind to projects on an international scale, managing one in excess of $9MM (USD). My first “film” production was in 1978 using a 16mm camera for an originally scripted music video of Welcome to the Machine (Pink Floyd, 1978). I live in rural Appalachia, West Virginia, where outside of writing, I grow fruit and nut trees, and make Bourbon and other liquors with my two cats, Freddie Mercury and Mr. Thumbs.

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Writer Statement

Of the other scripts for stage and screen I've written, none I felt a moral imperative to push out to the screen. This project, 12th Hour Painting is different and the exception.