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12 Days of Christmas Break

Determined to show his family he’s a good man, Osman must relive the drunkenly-forgotten events of his bro-in-law’s bachelor party by revisiting the scene of the “crime” in Reno. While on vacation during Christmas break, the dedicated family man has 12 days to follow the clues, which include a stuffed partridge in the Pear Tree Tavern, 2 turtle-shaped bars of Dove soap, & 3 cackling, French hens, to prove his innocence. Inspired by true events.

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    family, holiday, comedy, suspense, mystery, christmas
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    United States
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Writer Statement

The Abrahams are on vacation for Christmas break, but their family is in shambles. Osman, the loyal patriarch, has been accused of cheating at his brother-in-law, Carl’s, bachelor party. Osman’s wife, Ellie, naturally wants nothing to do with her husband, who insists on his innocence, despite not being able to remember the fateful night. Fortunately, their vacation home in Lake Tahoe is not far from where the alleged events happened in Reno, giving Osman the chance to uncover the truth. Osman sets out to put together the events so that he can save his relationship with his wife, his daughter (Sophia), his stepdaughter (also named Sophia), and six-year-old son (Alyster).

On the first day of Christmas break, Osman’s memory is triggered by a stuffed partridge inside the Pear Tree Tavern, setting off a series of clues, including two bars of turtle-shaped Dove soap on the second day. This helps him remember a dollar bill with a mysterious woman’s phone number. That dollar bill is picked up by one of three French-speaking women, with whom Osman has no way of communicating. On the fourth day, Osman gets his French-speaking step-daughter to translate. Sophia is able to help him locate the dollar, but not before a fight breaks out between Osman and the four Grimy Birds, a racist biker gang. Osman accidentally “beats up” the biker gang, which leaves Lance and his crew of eleven other hippies grateful.

On the fifth day, Osman uses five orders of onion rings to bribe a customer at a fast food restaurant into giving him the dollar with the woman’s phone number. He is able to contact this woman, Regina, and she reveals that nothing happened between her and Osman on the night of the bachelor party. There is, however, another woman who had her eyes on Osman that night. He tries to follow this woman to the Six Geese Motel but is convinced by his daughter to focus on spending time with his family instead of trying to play detective.

All together on the seventh day, Osman’s family enjoys the chance to go skating at a nearby lake, until Alyster accidentally kills one of the lake’s seven swans by feeding it a candy cane. A horde of angry swan fans chases the family away, causing them to hide out in the Six Geese Motel. There, eight maids pumping breast milk help Osman find the woman that he reportedly cheated with. This woman, Betsy, is one of nine dancing ladies at a food court flash mob. She recognizes Osman but tries to run away when she sees him. Betsy wakes up at Lords Hospital, where she and Carl, Ellie’s brother, reveal the truth with video evidence: that Osman did cheat on his wife.

Devastated that he is not the good man he thought he was, Osman lets his family go as he celebrates the New Year alone. However, a shot of Eleven Pipers vodka helps him remember that Carl paid Betsy to make it look like Osman was a cheater. With the help of Lance’s crew, the twelve Drummers, Osman makes Carl and his brother, Burt, think that they are about to be buried alive. It is then that Carl reveals his racist motivations to breaking up Osman and Ellie’s marriage. With the truth finally revealed, Osman’s family is back together.
Inspired by true events.