Phantasmagoria 2016(TV series 123 scenes/EPISODE 1 38 PAGES)

(great for animation/cartoons/comics)

screenplay for feature film:66 scenes,142 pages
screenplay for TV series :123 scenes,322 pages

Wga west: 1698259

Genre: anti-war futuristic political satire about:

Mad politicians and a hallucinated war!

A military confrontation between democratic and Islamic forces may lead the world to final destruction!

a new,unreal reality in which the Selected Democratic Organization, headed by new president Alexander Monro,is pitted against the

Free Islamic Forces under their new leader, Suleiman Aswad. The two quickly lead their respective nations to an apocalyptic

military confrontation in the Fata Morgana Arabian desert in 2016. The plot centers on a bizarre, loony commando force sent behind

enemy lines to rescue important Democrat prisoners.


The democratic forces and the Islamic forces were at peace for three years.This was not to last.In 2016, for the first time in

Muslmania, the capital of the Islamic forces, a new president was elected. Suleiman Aswad. An oil tycoon, he was a cruel and

ruthless ruler. It was Aswad’s driving desire to become the greatest leader of all Arabs and of Islam.

At the same time, in Demos, capital of the forces of democracy, financial tycoon, Alexander Monro, won the elections and became

president. Meanwhile, the most famous and evil terrorist of all time, Mike Satanic, Caesar of Terror, managed to escape from the

democratic prison in the desert and joined the Islamic forces. Aswad announced that he would not give him back to Monro.

This action led to war between the democratic and the Islamic forces in the Fata Morgana Desert and both presidents promised their

people great victory. The democratic forces crossed the desert border and faced the Islamic forces, which were ready for war. When

the battle eventually began, neither side showed the other any mercy and soldiers on both sides died for lack of equipment,

ineffective battle planning, and shortage of food, water and clothing.

While the two armies fought, Hollywood superstar and entertainer, Barney Chaplin, was entertaining the democratic soldiers who were

stationed in the desert. One night, he and his companion officers lost their way in the desert and were captured by the Islamic

commando. Soldiers on both sides had begun to lose their motivation to fight and began to stage magnificent battles for media news.

Aswad developed a plan whereby the captives’ fate depended on Barney’s ability to entertain everyone during his time in prison.

Because of pressing public opinion to release the captives, Monro sent a strange commando force to the Islamic desert in an attempt

to free the prisoners before their execution. The commando group was forced to act immediately to rescue the prisoners.Insanity

was the order of the day throughout the world as the two presidents led the planet into World War III.

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