World of absolute evil (tv series/episode 1)

Completed screenplay for TV Series: 107 scenes-318 pages
Genre: Psychological Fiction (Mystery/Suspense)

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Log line

Delving into the Darkness

For the first time in his life a police, Lt.from New York police faces "world of Absolute Evil"


"World of Absolute Evil"…will make your worst fears confirmed. This plot will push horror further than in any of someone's

nightmares.This menacing story revolves around a cast of characters who exude depravity, sadism, Intriguing and hatred.

Lieutenant Michael Holmes, a detective specializing in unsolved crimes, is investigating the case of missing child... seven year-

old Isaac Menis!after a while the police found his corpse…he was murdered!!!

The investigation is complex and increasing pressure is put on the detectives to find suspects. The first candidate is

identified:Joshua Solomon-the mysterious leader of a religious cult whose relationship with children raises cause for

concern.However, Lt.Holmes’ deputy-Wally, is not convinced that Solomon is guilty, at least not of the Isaac case.

As the investigation unravels, we learn of the utter disfunctionality of Isaac’s family: his divorced mother and father and their

respective new partners. It is his father Abraham who surpasses all in the bitter and twisted stakes. It would be hard to imagine a

character as full of resentment, anger and misogyny as this bit-part actor and model.

Another character in this hate-fuelled bunch who could have reason to want Isaac’s disappearance is the partner of Isaac’s mother-

Gideon,a gynecologist, who sees the child as an interfering obstacle to his efforts to control and manipulates Isaac's mother!

Although we are told that this is a ‘World of Absolute Evil’, paradoxically there are some clues that allow us to understand (but

not necessarily like) even the most distasteful characters in this story. Abraham was severely abused by his mother as a child and

Joshua, despite his abnormal behavior, seems to be a genuinely caring although person. Nevertheless, an ominous air pervades this

story, re-enforced by sinister misinterpretations of the Old Testament and Nietzsche. No one is beyond suspicion. Eventually a

trial is held and Solomon finds himself in the dock. The trial is complex, but despite his best efforts, Solomon’s attorney’s

defense is demolished at each turning. It is only at the end of the trial that the terrifying truth is exposed …..
Abraham murdered his own son!
The story is told in a series of fast moving scenes that heighten the tension and carry the viewer along to reach a cliff-hanging

conclusion. "World of Absolute Evil" is a story that is gripping in its vivid portrayal of a society peopled by repulsive, self-seeking and ultimately, psychotic characters.

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