100 years of honorable life

The information shown in this movie is based on historical sources.

Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev was one of the most famous people in Azerbaijan, he was an oil millionaire, and philanthropist. He has invested a lot of money for the development, education of his nation, he has established the first female school in the East. On 28 April 1920 Soviets took Azerbaijan, all wealth of Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev was taken, his family members were imprisoned, or died because of hunger. He was the one who gave education to most of the Bolsheviks. His wealth was roughly 30 million rubles at the end of 1917. According to estimations, this amount would be at least 21 billion USD with today’s currency.

All events shown in this movie are part of history, viewers will learn and take advantage a lot from this documentary, we gathered information for 30 years from archives.

We made this movie based on materials collected from archives for 20 years, it resembles a history book. The ones who select this movie will be grateful because everybody will learn and enjoy. Please help us to sell it. This movie has never been shown to the public. We have submitted to FilmFreeWay at the first place.

His younger son moved to France. After 100 years (01.11.2019 ) we found his great-grandchild. He lives in Levallois-Perret, France, his name is Alban Claude.

Here you can get information about his visit:

  • Jalaladdin Gasimov
    Sholler's archive, The first success of Nobel brothers, Execution day
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    Documentary, Short
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    34 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    July 1, 2019
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  • The Lift-Off Sessions

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  • Green Mountain Christian Film Festival

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  • The BeBop Channel Content Festival
  • Heritales - International Heritage Film Festival
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  • 3rd Meihodo International Youth Visual Media Festival
  • Fight Back Film Awards
  • Noble International Film Festival And Awards
  • CINEMA OF NATIONS Film Festival,
Director Biography - Jalaladdin Gasimov

Jalaladdin Gasimov was born in Azerbaijan in 1967. In 1984 he got accepted into the State University of Management in Moscow and transferred into Moscow Automobile And Road Construction Institute in 1985. He served in the military as chief of confidential communication station (It was the most confidential communication station of USSR) in Nohra, Weimar, Germany during 1985-1987, and afterwards, he pursued an education in Baku State University. Furthermore, he graduated from the International Law and Trade Academy in Kyiv and Police Academy in Baku. He had been working as a deputy chief and chief in Khatai district Police department since 1997. Jalaladdin Gasimov is known as an author of 9 historical novels and producer-writer of movies, such as "Sholler's archive", "Execution day", "The first success of Nobel brothers", "Stalin's dark past", "100 years of honorable life". Furthermore, he produced 3 documentaries in 2019. He is a producer who gained the most number of awards in the cinema history of Azerbaijan, a member of Union of Azerbaijani Writers.

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Director Statement

Dear Festival Representatives,

I would love to share a part of my life with you. I have 3 diplomas and I have worked in 3 diverse fields and succeeded. Nevertheless, my biggest passion in life has always been to write scripts and shoot movies. I have shot my first movie at the age of 50 and You - Dear Festival Representatives will decide either I am talented in this field, or not. My first two feature movies that I made in 2018 (“Sholler’s archive” and “Execution day”) became the most award winning movies of Azerbaijan in international festivals. “Sholler’s archive” had 45 achievements and “Execution day” had 32 achievements all over the world. In 2019 I shot 4 documentary movies. Our latest certificated was signed by American congressman Jimmy Gomez.

I have obtained all information in “Sholler's archive” movie from my father - Gasimov Gazanfar, therefore this film is based on true stories. I produced this movie for the memory of my father and it became very successful in international festivals. “Sholler's archive” movie gained the most number of awards, achievements from Azerbaijan in international festivals. Then it inspired me a lot and I began to produce more movies, and they were successful as well. Thus, I decided to be a film director and I produced 4 documentaries in 2019, they gained achievements from the first view, too. I have a request, please help me to find somebody from the Shollers.

As soon as I finished all my movies, I submitted them to festivals merely via www.filmfreeway.com. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Huge thanks to www.filmfreeway.com! Via this platform, we won many awards and became finalists, semi-finalists, selected.