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Echo of shot

The story begins in Chechnya in time frame about 2000-2010. Two brothers, Michael and Adam, and their two friends (Anzor and Ahyad) had made an agreement to go for a hunting in a forest. At the agreed time, the folks are walking into the forest and they suddenly see a neighbor boy of the brothers, who was also lonely walking/ playing in the forest. Adam tells to the boy that it is not safe here for a boy along and commands him to go home.
The folks are making a temporary stop at the agreed place in the forest near by the village. However, the elder of two brothers, Michael, is being late. One of the friends, Ahyad, asks the younger brother of Michael about Michael’s whereabouts and if he informed upfront for being late. The younger brother (Adam) tells that he is not aware why Michael is late and proposes to continue walking without Michael. After some time, Michael arrives and catches up the rest of the folks. Anzor is very upset because of Michael’s delay and he tells this to Michael in the rude form. Michael tries to explain the reason of his delay, but Anzor is pursuing with straight talks and a verbal conflict begins. Ahyad intervenes into the conflict and asks Michael in a calm manner to walk with him aside to talk face-to-face.

After some time, the silence of spring’s forest is broken by a sound of shot. Adam and Anzor run towards the sound, where their fiends when to talk. They find out Michael being wounded in the chest. Bleeding, he lies on the ground. Ahyad is standing next to him with a rifle in his hand. Seeing this, Adam becomes furious. He snatches out the rifle from Ahyad and ties to kill him, but the rifle is jammed. Then Adam with all his strength hits Ahyad with the rifle’s handle. Ahyad fells unconscious.

The boy (mentioned above), who did not go home, but followed the folks, eye-witnessed the accident with all details. From the shelter, he observes Adam and Anzor carrying Michael’s body and unconscious Ahyad. After couple of minutes, Ahyad returns to his consciousness, stands up and runs away. The boy also decides run to home, but when he crosses the place where the shot was made, he founds a knife of Ahyad, picks it up and heads to home.

Evening. There is a vanity in the house of two brothers (one of which was accidently killed in the forest). Next to the unbreathing body of deceased Michael cries his daughter, wife and his mother. Adam approaches them. Ahyad’s daughter runs and hags him. Crying mother tells to Adam that she won’t forgive the death of his son and if Adam will not revenge. Adam oaths that while he is a life, he will do everything to revenge.

After the funeral, Adam begins to seek for Ahyad to commit his revenge. He calls to many of his friends and comrades, asking if they know about Ahyad’s whereabouts. He sends Ahyad’s fotos and other info and asks to inform him if someone will see Ahyad.

After three years, Ahyad is found in Belgium. By the foto, he was seen by a relative of Adam.

Now, Adam is on his difficult way to Europe. In of his friends helps him to cross a border, helps with passport and money. In Belgium, Adam stops at his relative’s (named Rizvan) place. Rizvan promises to Adam to help him in his revenge.

Adam and Rizvan together are discussing a plan of revenge, what and when will they do. Where to catch Ahyad so that he cannot escape, etc. Adam is glad that far from his homeland he has found someone able to help him in this dangerous action.

To make their plans true, Adam needs to establish a permanent observation on Ahyad in such a way that Ahyad knows and feels nothing. Also, Adam needs weapons. Adam is IT-expert and is good in making all kid of electronic devices and chips. This knowledge will help him a lot, he establishes listening of Ahyad’s phone.
Meanwhile, Rizvan via his working in police friend Alavdi, finds Abu (a person originally from their homeland), who is selling guns. Abu is big criminal boss: weapons, drugs, illegal migration, this all is in his portfolio. His gang consists of people of different ethnicities. There are Chechens, Georgians, Belgians, etc. He has big list of committed crimes and surely he is watched by police.
Adam and Rizvan meet Abu and he shows then his weaponry. Abu, who is good psychologist, noticed that Adam is new here, not local. Adam chooses a weapon, pays and leaves with Rizvan. Noone could even thought that the weapon dealer Abu is a close friend of Ahyad, who is being searched by Adam. Because Ahyad tried not to have many contacts with other Chechens, Abu was his only friend to whom Ahyad also told on his reasons for leaving Chechnya. Day after, Adam from the shelter is trying to kill Ahyad from a sniper rifle, but he sees in the last moment that there is a child near Ahyad that Ahyad takes on hands. So, Adam decides not to take a shot for now, and he leaves the scene.

Abu calls to Ahyad and asks if he has fotos of Michael relatives. On the sent fotos, Abu recognizes Adam. Ahyad is very nervous because of this finding of Abu. Abu proposes to Ahyad to change residence address. All this phone discussion was listerned by Adam. Being aware of Ahyads actions, Adam and Rizvan make another plan to eliminate him. They again meet Alavdi, who gives them all info on Abu and Ahyad. About Ahyad not much is known, but Adam finds out that while being in Belgium, Ahyad got married and he has a son. He is divorced and lives separately, but on weekends, mother brings his son to him for a visit.
During last meeting with Adam and Rizvan, Alavdi tells one episode from criminal life of Adu, where he killed a family of illegal migrants from Turkey, trying to escape from police. That family had an adult son, who was travelling during that episode in another car. Adam decides to visit that Turkey man, who asks Adam to let him kill Abu for what he did with his family. And they agree on that.
Meanwhile, Abu decides eliminate Adam and Rizvan, being sure that by this he will help to Ahyad to get rid of them and his problems with vendetta. Abu gets his friends together and they decide that to Georgian men will kill Adam and Rizvan. But all goes not as planned and one of the killers is killed and another is captured.

Next move of Adam – is capturing Abu. Adam and Rizvan bring him to an in-prior prepared place and call there a Turkey man, whose family was killed by Abu. Abu behaves vey provocative, he accuses Adam in being brave while he is locked. In emotions, Adam unlocks Abu and they start fighting. Abu gets hidden sharped metal rod that he found a second ago and hits Adam in stomach. Adam fells down, Rizvan is trying to help him and checking the wound. This moment, Abu runs from the building, but at the exit he meets guarding Turkey man. Turkey lifts a gun and takes a shot, Adam fells shot-killed. Rizvan brings Adam home and calls a private doctor. Doctor helps Adam, says that the wound luckily is not serious and recommends Adam to take a rest couple of days and be away from any physical activity.

Disregarding his wound, next day Adam decides to execute vendetta. With Rizvan he drives to Ahyads new location. After some time of watching the house, they observe Ahyad is going somewhere. Rizvan goes to the house to check if it is empty and Adam stays in a car. While Rizvan is in the house, Adam is called from Chechnya. It is his neighbor Hasan, but Adam ignores the call. Suddenly, Ahyad return to his house and Adam is not in time to inform Rizvan about that. In the window, Rizvan sees the lights of Ahyad’s car and understands that Ahyad is back. He takes cover in the under-ground. Sitting there, Rizvan hears another call, given to Ahyad about that accident in the forest, when Michael was killed. Rizvan understands that this was as accident and Ahyad is not guilty. Trying to escape from the ground floor, Rizvans drops something. This is heard by Ahyad who heads to the underground-floor. Rizvan is revealed and he fights with Ahyad. Suddently, the sound of the armed gun stops the fight. Adam takes aim on Ahyad. Thinking this is his last moment of lif, Ahyad closes his eyes, instead of firing, Adam strikes him in the head with the gun handle. Ahayd fells down.

Finally, Adam replies on the phone call from Hasan. Hasan tells to Adam the story told by his son, the boy who witnessed initial killing episode in the forest. Hasan tells him that his son found the knife that Michael possessed and it was found in the forest. After the story was told, Rizvan and Adam approach locked Ahyad. Adam asks him to tell what happened that day in the forest. Ahyad tells the story. Then Adam and Rizvan understand that Michale’s death was an accident.

  • Zagaev Movsur
  • Zagaev Movsur
  • Zagaev Movsur
  • Saidov Tamerlan
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Genres:
    Drama, Action, Criminal
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 57 minutes 1 second
  • Completion Date:
    April 14, 2017
  • Production Budget:
    130,000 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
    Full HD DCP
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Zagaev Movsur

Movsur Zagaev. I was born on 30.09.1981 in the village of D-Vedeno in the Chechen Republic. I finished school and then a technical school. I moved to Belgium in 2003. Since 2005 И have been engaged in video, advertising, commercials. The "Echo of shot" is the first film in my career.

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